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The Dreamer

Fact about it, there's a left out piece of my psyche
I think I know what it might be
And do I miss it? Not likely.
Could be the only one
I've been told a million times that I need to be careful
People give me an earful
But that's not what I am here for
But I just gotta taste it
'Cuz it's such a crime to waste it
I'm mountain climbing up stars
I'm checking out Earth from Mars
And I'm not coming down

So, thank you for the conjecture
But you can spare me the lecture
I'm gonna sort it on my own
She said you're just a dreamer
A good-natured schemer
A chronic make believer
I said you're fucking right
I am a dreamer
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An idealistic schemer
A chronic make believer
And I think I'm doing fine ooh whoa-oh

I never think there's a rainy day ahead in my forecast
But the good times never last
Then I feel like an outcast
But that's all just my head
Sometimes I think it wants me dead
I ain't going out like that
I'm getting up off the mat
And I'm not going back


I'd jump again in an instant
That's one hundred percent
The possibilities are forever
I gotta just keep trying to let go
'Cuz sometimes that's all I know