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Kembe X

Self Appreciation

I've been thinking 'bout some conscious observations
Nah, but really I've been thinking 'bout you
I've been thinking 'bout the cost of my impatience
Dawg but really I've been thinking 'bout you
My mistake if I get lost in conversation
I admit that I've been thinking 'bout you
Lies and hatred can get lost in correlation
Fuck that shit, that's why I think about you

[Verse 1]
And this one for my niggas who've been at it since a teen
Took a stand against the standards
Kept advancing then got added to the team
Who the fuck said a nigga real 'cuz he pack a thing
Push a pack, pull a bitch
Dude was full of shit
Trust me I know you've been on your heels on legitimate
Climbing up this ladder that you forged over instruments
Odd enough, the higher that you get you fall
Farther than you've been before
You would walk away without a limp, on some soldier shit
I wrote this, taking everything into consideration
I see you doubt yourself and everybody in your face
'Cuz you know that everything you know is probably wrong
And you know that ain't how other mother fuckers take it
I know you wasted as you search for motivation
Niggas criss cross over on you have you rollerskating
Living broke, but you so fixed
But don't trip, you a mutable moon, here goes some beautiful tunes
To show that


[Verse 2]
And this one for my niggas who feel down and out
Thrown around when you get to speaking on it they like
“What the fuck you frowning 'bout?”
As a child you was quiet and you grew into a introvert
'Cuz everybody lying, that was everybody line
So you decide you'd rather be a mute
So they treat you like a mutant
Even though your two cents
Worth more than that Benjamin that niggas swear they keeping
If they put it on they kids, the funeral in a week, uh
I assume that you'll see Zion soon
And what the Earth has got to offer, God had promised to the meek
Raise a fist, go and claim your shit
'Cuz even though the world is yours, it ain't nothing in it free
Go and storm it, your passion dormant, that's how they want it
Defaced your trophy and that's how they won it
But only you know to do with it dawg
You so in tune with your future 'cuz you intuitive dawg