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Charlie Puth

Charlie Goes on a Date

Going on a date
I really can't be late
Gonna get some flowers
After I get some food

Eating At McDonalds

God I really needed that
But I'm already late oh crap
Need to come up with an excuse
After I get more food

Now I'm eating at Wendy's

I'm 15 minutes late
She's really gonna hate me
I better call her now
Oh look a bakery

Yummy yummy cupcakes

This really isn't good
I need to get her a gift
Oh perfect I can get one right here!

At the Home Depot tryin' to get some wood

Th-th thirty minutes late
My chances aren't great
We'll go wherever she wants
After I fight in this battle

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Fighting fighting in the battle
Blowing peoples heads off

I'm putting my foot down right now

I need to look at these puppies before I go on my date

Forty minutes late

Oooohhhhh lemonade!

No more pit stops I gotta make it over

Back to fighting in the battle
Molotov cocktails for everyone!

I'm putting the key in!
After I get some rest
Gonna step on the gas
After I buy my snuggie
Total concentration
I'm almost there
More cupcakes
Now I'm at her house!!

Ooooohhh Charlie Puth you dumb ass
You showed up 3 hours late
She couldn't wait anymore

Charlie the dumbass slept through his alarm
And went to an office party he doesn't even work at an office


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