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Wille The Kid


Wille The Kid

Invisible Rules

[Willie the Kid]
Ayo you better tune in
A house ain't a home without chrome moving
I don't need U-Haul, my lens zoom in
That's why I see clear, cop a brand new Benz
A pair of new Timbs, nigga blew like the wind
Thanks Don Cannon, hats off to Lason, wax on
He taught my young grasshoper
Back to the choppers and private helicopters
Lift up a glass, doze off at the opera
Hennessey and lobster, the diet of a mobster
Nigga if you want it, you can try it if you gots ta
Hard like the ammo, mixtape birds on my hoodie, not camel
Day the game changed, and you soup like Campbells
Till the crackas come and cool you off
You hatin on your man is not cool at all
How the fuck you gon love theirs better than yours stupid
I'm self centered, family first
Embassy, Kenneddies without the family curse
May Allah make it easy
And bless us with angels to walk with the needy
Decipher the code I wrote, it's my graffitti

[La the Darkman]
Yeah, Lason, bareeti, swahili, saleaky
Protecting my family, I take you all freely
Since a young boy, I was able to score easy
Uptown, Broadway on 140 Feezy
Fuckin with Philipe up and down the e-way
Making slaes like I'm online at E-Bay
Sneakers in my closet like the magazine Eastbay
Nothing you can teach me, very well schooled
Corleone code, the invisible rules
Supreme math, food clothing & shelter, I'm here to help ya
Wisdom of n elder, skills of an welder
Peace GZA, peace RZA, one love, nine more
Fourth quarter, ten seconds to go, I perform
It ain't just a song cuz I live it very well
I got Juice, I can rock my shines in jail
My man Preme with the feds and he hit me on the cell
I'm a Brooklyn don with servings out the Qu'ran
Million March man with the heart of Farakhan
Ring like Bill Gate with product in every state
Got Michael soft, I got ?ye? soft
Happy like a baby bull every time I get it off
I'm a boos of course, got the newest Air Force
Catch me at the forty fight, CSL I floss
Bitch look like Eye Candy from The Source
I call here a stallion cuz she built like a horse
For the XXL, it' all truth I tell, La
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