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Unrequited Love

Am I seeking out accessories?
Infected with this same disease
I know what I felt once before
And I don't feel it anymore

These games we play
We run in circles
The things we say
They're always hurtful

But here's the thing about you:
No I can't live without you

Oh, this unrequited love
Oh, what have we become?
Since that first day that I arrived at your front door
And oh, I was so naive!
And oh, what a web we weave!
Boy, I'm so sorry that I couldn't love you more

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Adam: I need to know your game
If we're gonna play
You set the rules and I'll obey
You're a sweet girl,
But you already know
I'd let you win before I'd let you go
And you'll manipulate
And I'll reciprocate
This dangerous love affair
Oh girl, you don't even care!

Adam: I'll watch as they break your heart, time and time again
I've loved you from the very start, until the very end

You know that we'll never be
Never be a you and me
Always linked by never lovers
Never one without the other