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Andre Nickatina


Andre Nickatina

My Rap World

[Verse 1]
My Vocabularies vary, its so exclusionary
You'll find my baby pictures in modern dictionaries
Next to mighty mercenaries, and visual visionaries
And sexy freaks eating strawberries
I represent my mind in the 415 dime
Tryin' to stop my rhyme is like tryin' to stop crime
I float like an eagle that soars through the sky
And hit the murder scene in the perfect disguise

In my rap world we bump 75 girls
Playboy short, right before court
staring at the judge like 'what you talking bout?'
You told me to take the stick of gum out my mouth
See I'm a devil in the street from the serious rhyme
But still I'm an angel in my Mamas eyes

In my rap world, WE BUMP 75 GIRLS

[Verse 2]
Try to bite what I write and it'll break ya jaw
Andre Nickatina right here in the raw
Ain't no real rap lord gon' respect the law
Get the phone, page my little cousin Bobby Shaw
Shuffle like a CD changer, the rearranger
Baby hold me tight like the gun of a banger
In the frame of the game leave my name on your brain
Until we meet again it will never be the same
Slice my own piece of the true money pie
When is it cool for a real cat to cry?
I hit the sky like a bullet that's shot at the moon
Ride the wind like a wicked witch tipping her broom
Keep your eyes on the deck, check, 52 card bet
Heart bumping through his chest, I love it when I see him sweat...

In my rap world, SHIT, 75 GIRLS...

[Verse 3]
Expose the theory of remarkable worldwinds
Beats I wish I could sex like my girlfriends
Party 'til dawn on them hoes like its the first
Who gon' keep on talking when the 4-4's burst?
Smokin' weed like its legal, possessed by the words
The world is a ghetto man there ain't no birds
I got a solid gold crown that I'll never wear
'Cause I know Tommy Tuckers want me to share



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