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Allan Kingdom


Even when a nigga's feeling sorry
They would never know about it!
Best believe that I would never
Flow about it
Just because I'm finna
Get some dough up out it!
Someone hold me fashowdie
It's like 50 below me
And my soul is finna faint
They don't know about it
They don't understand
If they know about it
I was tryna get these bands to pop
They the man of the hour
I'm the man you should watch
Would the plan have
Unfolded like this or not?
Had you not been beheaded
Deceased to me while I get it
I couldn't fail if I let it
Or even begged to flop
I was finnto ball
In the building and
You know about it
You could kiss the locks
On my chest when you hug me
Or dapping with the boss
Cause they the reason I
Could even get my shit to pop
Now you get to watch

1: I done killed a lot of souls a long the way
I had to harden up my heart up on the journey
But I done healed a lot of souls a long the way
I'm climbing farther up the stars it won't
Detour me
I done killed a lot of souls along the way
By the park outside
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In those grassy fields
When it'd dark outside
But I healed a lot of souls along the way
By the park outside
In those same grassy fields
And even when it's dark outside

2: The phony, homies don't know me
Goldie lox I can't bear it
So much shine it's a tint
On the mirror I face
Fell in love with discovery
What a cynical date
Ended up like
On a microphone getting uptight
Cause I lust life
And I must try
To impress my soul
If I go, then I know
And I quote 'killed the souls, healed some too'
Plentiful, and I know
But I outdid em, rhythym
And coldest riddles
Opened up my life to continents
That won't chill out or settle
If I make it to the shows
That they have settled on
When I realize that I have been alone
I've been okay
But if I flip out I see other pages
I am lost but it's fun
Show me other mazes
If I stop just to watch
They might unamaze me
That is all I really gotta say...