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Treason of Kings

Our sacred rulers, those born of the blood
Themselves descendants of the great one-eyed god
Our worship they guide, into battle they lead
To our kings loyal and true their call we heed

When to western shores came the alien god
Many kings saw use for this vile exotic fraud
Embracing the cross they turned from our path
All refusing to comply would face their wrath

The kings betrayed their ancient gods
For wealth and power forsook their blood
Deceit for honour, hypocrisy for pride
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The lies embraced and the gods denied
The kings betrayed their ancient gods
To serve foul lies from far away
The soul they tore from their loyal kin
Casting chains of guilt and sin

Not all kings forsook the way of their blood
Some stood proud in defiance of the one god
Many a pagan king died for the ways of old
Refusing to bow to the foreign faith's hold