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Child of the Millennia

I slept with virgins, I slept with whores
I was a beggar, I wore a crown
I have seen myth fade into history
I was there when Troy's walls came down

I lived in peace, I went to war
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I succeeded, I have failed
I have seen religions rise and fall
I was there when Christ was nailed

I'm a child of the Millennia
I lived throughout the ages
Child of the Millennia
Seen all of history's pages

I have seen the heights of Heaven
I have seen the depths of Hell
But was it real what I have seen
Or an illusion, a dream, a spell

I lived pious, I was a blasphemer
I experienced glory, I endured pain
I have seen rulers conquer and perish
I was there when Caesar was slain

I walked the desert, I sailed the sea
I spoke the truth, I have lied
I have seen empires come and go
I was there when the Romans died


Each century only brings more questions
Even though I have been tired for ages
But there is no escape from existence
So I travel on through history's pages