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Dion and the Belmonts


Dion and the Belmonts

Sweet, Sweet Baby

作词:Dion Dimucci, Wes Farrell

Well, I love you, baby, and I know I do
'Cause baby, everything I do, I do is just for you
'Cause you're my baby, woo, yeah

Sweet, sweet baby, woo, yeah
Now I love you, honey, so, so, so
You know, I love you so, so, so

Now, baby, when it comes to loving
You treat me real fine
'Cause baby, that's what makes me know that
You are mine, all mine

'Cause you're my baby, woo, yeah
Sweet sweet baby, woo, yeah
Don't you know I love you so, so, so?
I love you, sweet thing, so, so, so, say

Come on, woo, yeah now
Come on, woo, yeah now
Come on, woo, yeah now
Come on, woo, yeah now
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Woo, yeah, woo, yeah, oh, come on
I love you, baby, so, so, so
I love you, baby, so, so, so
Now I tell you

Let no other woman get to shine your shoes
'Cause baby, when you start to love me
I just lose all my blues
'Cause you're my baby, woo, yeah

Sweet, sweet, baby, woo, yeah
I love you honey, so, so, so
I love you, sweet thing, so, so, so

Let me hold you, let me hold you, baby
Let me, sweetheart, come on
I wanna lift you, love you, baby
Let me hold you, let me hold you, baby
Let me, sweetheart, come on
I wanna lift you, love you, baby


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