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Pay For Your Sins

Fear, pain in your soul,
Tears falling in your face
You are crying non-stop
Asking for mercy all day

The man is preparing the execution
Your body will be in the grave,
Down in the earth sleeping forever
It's fault of your lies, now you will die!

I'm laughing of you, you will die!
Your skin is so cold like your soul
You killed many people, it's your turn
In the fire you will burn!

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Prepare your body right now,
You sinner for the eyes of God
With Satan now you will rest
And he will torture you, it's his job

Cry 'till die, cry 'till death
You're a worm!
You will burn, your body won't rest
Either your soul!
Your life was a fake, and you can't erase
The huge mistake
Cry 'till die, cry 'till death
By the huge mistake