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David Ramirez


David Ramirez

Good to Be Bad

Don't give me that face
You know I'll never change
I've got politicians screaming in my veins
All my promises can't wait to break

So don't you cry to me now

It feels good to be bad
To break hearts to make you sad
I get off on the tears that you cry on my behalf
And I won't change because I'm no good like the good boys you had
It feels good, it feels good to be bad

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I've tried to fight it off
But it's only getting worse
You are a fortune and I am a gamble
I will take you in and lose you on the table

Now, right now

The salty rain is streaming down your face
But it's too late for me to wipe it away
I wanted you, I wanted you, I wanted you then
So don't you cry to me now