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David Ramirez


David Ramirez

An Introduction

I've stood in Roman cathedrals
Prayed in Southern Baptist chapels
I've never heard a voice so I ain't paying a penny more
Tell me where to find the Lord

They raised me on doughnuts and coffee
Under fluorescent lights we watched outdated movies
It smelled like a hospital but no one was being cured
Tell me where to find the Lord

Tell me where to find
Tell me where to find the Lord
How the hell am I supposed to knock on Heaven if I can't even see the door
Tell me where to find the Lord

So I traded in my pew for a bar stool
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Trying to find redemption in the mind of the youth
We'd sit tall with our cigarettes and disheveled uniforms
Oh I never, no I never saw the Lord

My biggest fear in the world
Is introducing myself in the grave
After all my years living free
I don't have much to say

Oh the longer I live the more I know I'm gonna die
And the more questions I have the less I want to try
Time was winning so many times I stopped keeping score
Tell me where to find the Lord