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David Ball


David Ball

The Bottle That Pours The Wine

作词:David Ball, Allen Shamblin

I was heading for the bus
And another one night stand
He came up all starry-eyed
With my picture in his hand

He said, 'Mister I know by heart
Every song you do
When I grow up I want to sing
And be just like you'

Then he asked me how I wrote those songs
Where do the words come from
I fumbled for an answer
But I could not think of one

Then I shook his hand as the driver said
'Load up it's time to leave'
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And then on the bus I scribbled down
These thoughts that came to me

I'm just a bottle that pours the wine
A fragile vessel for melody and rhyme
Put me on a pedestal I'll fall and shatter every time
'Cause I'm just the bottle that pours the wine

Tonight we play another show
Down in San Anton
For all the folks that come to hear
I'll sing a brand new song

It'll tell you where I'm comin' from
More than anything
And I'm gonna give it all I've got
When I stand up there and sing


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