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Eternal Silence


Eternal Silence

Between the Unseen

Between The Unseen

Wandering on frozen ground side by side your real self.
Colour fades - Rainbow shades, pleasant flame - Not the same
Just as nothing, a long forgotten wasted fate of a lost life!

' You're laying on frozen ground - No shadow, no colour, no pleasure!'
' I fly over your face by the wind from your breath of your thoughts.'

You don't see!
You don't see!

Sensous flame - the same.

Running on frozen ground
- tears freaze your eyes.

' I fly over youre face-
Follow you on the run
As the tought you have sought.'
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See between the unseen,
Flee into the most extreme.
Seek inside the human mind,
Far within to become supreme.

Rainbow colours faiding in,
An aura of your neverending wish
- Embrace you, entice you-
Make you part of it's inner being.

You think, you wish
You're home in yourself.
But joyous flame HA HA HA - Not the same!

' I fly through frezen minds.'
A scenic stagnation
-A world so far beyond for others.