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Fiddler's Green


Fiddler's Green

One Way Out

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Hey girl, I see you once in a while
And I made up my mind to start a brand new file
I know that love is not a jumble sale
But generation X is not a fairy tale
We both run through the jungle at night
Driven on by the neon light
So don't you think we could try it together
Cause I just can't stand the icy weather

Sometimes I think I'd only fool myself
She might be just another trick
Just a brand-new toy that only makes you sick
But I cannot tell myself to get her out of my mind
I simply cannot tell my eyes they have to be blind
So the only way out is now the way to move in
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There ain't no other chance for me to win

Well, I'm not frustrated, but alienated
With this fucked-up feeling that I just can't make it
I'm now on a slippery slope
And this may be the reason for my waning hope
I've been living to fast to live my own damn life
When I'm all alone it cuts like a knife
For all this time I never looked back
But right now I feel that I'm trapped

I've never noticed
That I'm the one to change
There's only one way out!