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Georgia White


Georgia White

Alley Boogie

I'm doing something now, I've never done before
Gonna do it this time, ain't gon' do it no more
My alley boogie
Only thing I choose,
The only thing I do,
To drive away my blues

I boogied all night and the night before
When I woke up this morning, I wanted to boogie some more
Alley boogie
Only thing I craze
I can do my alley boogie in so many different ways

I got a bed in my bedroom, and padding on the floor
Got to do my alley boogie everywhere I go
'cause I'm wild about my boogie
It's the thing I craze
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'cause my good ol' alley boogie will carry me to my grave

Papa got a wife
Brother's got a ring
Sister's got an armful from shaking that thing
She's wild about her boogie
Only thing she'd choose
Now she got the boogie woogie to buy alley baby some shoes

I done sung this song, till I sweat
Ain't nobody baught no alley boogie yet
I'm wild about m'boogie
Only thing I craze
Been doin my alley boogie
Been doin m'boogie all my days