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George Jones


George Jones

Tender Years (Remastered)

You keep saying you love him
I believe that it's true
And it just doesn't matter
How much I love you

But in time you'll understand, dear
When you shed a tear
Then you'll know you were living
In your tender years (tender years)

In your eyes there's a lovelight
That shines for him
But how long will it stay there
Will that love light grow dim

You can just see the happiness
You can't see the tears
Yes it's true, you've been living
In your tender years (tender years)
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So if I can't be your first love
I'll wait and be your last
I'll be somewhere in your future
To help you forget the past

And you'll know that I love you
With a love that's sincere
'Cause I'll wait 'til you're thru living
In your tender years (tender years)

Yes, you'll know that I love you
With a love that's sincere
Yes, I'll wait 'til you're thru living
In your tender years... (tender years)...


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