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George Jones


George Jones

I'm Not Ready Yet

作词:Tom T. Hall

I've always said that someday I was gonna leave you
Some April when all the land is wet
Some spring, summer, fall, lord, or maybe winter
I'll leave someday but I'm not ready yet

I know I should've left the day I knew your love was dying
But I passed up every date that I ever set
But I know I'll leave when my heart tells me it's ready
But I'm still around 'cause I'm not ready yet

You know I must've left you a hundred times, but you don't know that
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'Cause I was afraid I'd be ashamed that you'd laugh
When you found out just how far I'd get
But you didn't, and you don't, I know you ain't gonna ever
And someday I'll go, but I'm not ready yet

I know I should've left the day I knew your love was dying
But I passed up every date, so boy I ever set
But I know I'll leave when my heart tells me, 'George, we're ready'
I'm still around, 'cause I'm not ready yet
I'm still around, 'cause I'm not ready yet


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