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George Jones


George Jones

Sinners & Saints

作词:J B Rudd, Vip Vipperman, Darryl Worley

Johnny's in the jailhouse sleeping it off
Church folks sayin' that his soul is lost
Man, you should've seen all the faces turn red
Just this morning when the preacher stood up and said

'The only thing different in sinners & saints
One is forgiven and the other one ain't'

Sally got in trouble a few years ago
With a married man down in Tupelo
The way folks talk in this little old town
Lord, there ain't no way she's ever gonna live it down

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The only thing different in sinners & saints
One is forgiven and the other one ain't

Nobody's perfect, we're just flesh and blood
One foot on behind roll woman of mud
There's a mighty fine line between right and wrong
Don't point your finger, no matter which side you're on

The only thing different in sinners & saints
One is forgiven and the other one ain't
The only thing different in sinners & saints
One is forgiven and the other one ain't
One is forgiven and the other one ain't


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