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Knight Area


Knight Area

Forever Now

Dreamt-up answers kept turning into nightmares
Chasing myself on a merry-go-round
Roller-coaster spiral down darkness
The burden of proof weighing heavier still

Without this change in mind I nearly lost it all
Lost the will to fight and get up after a fall
I would not intervene I thought that it would pass
I shattered the dream and broke my world of glass

The past it hunts me like a forever now
Holding the future at bay
Nightmares roaming the streets in my mind
Keeping the dreams away

The life I want was pushing me on
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The one to forget holding me down
Like a lighthouse at night
The past it burns me like a forever now

Like a new dawn on the horizon
See the light at the edge
Just as I tried to rise to my feet
For my salvation to meet

The light it shines just like a mirror
It comes from deep within
Pick myself up and just look around
I recognize the light I found