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Danny Kaye


Danny Kaye

Let's Not Talk About Love (Remastered)

My buddies all tell me selectees
Are expected by ladies to neck-tease
I could talk about loooooove and why not
But believe me, it wouldn't be so hot
Let's talk of Lamarr, that hedy so fair
Why does she let Joan Bennett wear all her old hair?
If you know Garbo, then tell me this news
Is it a fact the Navy's launch all her old shoes?
Let's check on the veracity of Barrymore's bibacity
And why his drink capacity should get so much publacity
Let's even have a huddle over Ha'vard Univassity
But let's not talk about love
Let's wish him good luck, let's wish him more pow'r
That Fiorella fella, my favorite flow'r
Let's get some champagne from over the seas
And drink to Sammy Goldwyn
Include me out please
Let's write a tune that's playable, a ditty swing-and-swayable
Or say whatever's sayable about the Tow'r of Ba-able
Let's cheer for the career of itty-bitty Betty Gra-able
But lets not talk about love
Let's talk about drugs, let's talk about dope
Let's try to picture Paramount minus Bob Hope
Let's start a new dance, let's try a new step
Or investigate the cause of Mrs. Roosevelt's pep
Why not discuss, my dee-arie
The life of Wallace Bee-ery
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Or bring a jeroboam on
And write a drunken poem on
Astrology, mythology
Geology, philology
Pathology, psychology
Spermology, phrenology
I owe you an apology
But let's not talk about-
And in case you play card, I have some right here
So how about a game o' gin-rummy my dear?
Or if you feel warm and bathin's your whim
Let's get in the all-together and enjoy a short swim
No honey, I suspect you all
Of bein' intellectual
And so, insteado of gushin' on
Let's have a big discussion on
Timidity, stupidity, solidity, frigidity
Avidity, turbidity, Manhattan and viscidity
Fatality, morality, legality, finality
Neutrality, reality, or Southern hospitality
Promposity, verbosity
Im losing my velocity
But lets not talk about love