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Danny Kaye


Danny Kaye

Bloop, Bleep

作词:Loesser Frank

Bloop, bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop, bleep
The faucet keeps a drippin' and I can't sleep
Bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop, bloop, bloop, bleep
I guess I never should've ordered clam soup

Bloop, bleep, bloop, bloop, bleep, bleep, blblblblblbl
I wonder where to go to buy a car cheap
Blblblblblbl, blblblblblbl, blblblblblbl
Blblblblblbl, blblblblblbl, blblblblblbl
What is it with the babe next door?

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What is it she does to me
What mad kinda thrill do I find
Looking at her walking, just walking by
Don't know I'm alive but she's driving me out of my
Bleeoo, bleep, bloop, bleeep, blblblbl, blblblbl
The faucet keeps a drippin' and I just can't sleep

Bloop, bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop, bleep
I better call the plumber â€~cause I just can't
Sloop, er blee, sleebleep, blooblee er sleeboo
Blbl, blooslee, sleebloo er, sleep


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