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Danny Kaye


Danny Kaye

South Rampart Street Parade

'Do you hear the beat? Away down the street?
Do you hear the neat little rhythm of the happy dancin' feet?
Well now, look there!
The people are runnin' and right now, they're gonna have a lot of fun.
Make way, 'cause ev'rybody's comin' and you'll see a big parade.

Hey boy, you're really gonna celebrate,
Hear that? Listen to the clarinet,
Your feet are really gonna palpitate when you are marchin' around
Marchin' around, wonderful sound,
I hear the rattle-de-tat I love to hear the way the drummer does that.
Oh, what a glorious day,
Out o' my way!
Make room and gimme some air I got a lot of rhythm to spare!

We all swing high, swing low,
Ev'rybody rockin' to and fro
It ain't fast or slow, but oh, that glory halleluyah.
Swing that thing
Make the river bottom ring and sing
Hush ma mouth, that's the South Rampart Street Parade!

They're doin' it, soft shoein' it, they're tryin' it, untyin' it,
they're jivin' it, revivin' it, I tell you.
They're struttin' it, rug-cuttin' it, they're shakin' it and breakin' it,
Dad! Not bad! I'm glad! You dig! Hey, boy that:

Ev'ry boy's got a girl, the town's gonna whirl, tonight's a jamboree,
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And if you come along you'll join in the song,

Hey, Dad, Not Bad! I'm glad! You dig!
Hey, boy that band is grand,

Ev'rybody in the land's on hand
They demand that brand of dandy handy dixieland.
The way they play makes a body want to stay all day
Hush ma mouth, it's the South Rampart Street Parade!

I hear the trombone, la-de-ah-de-ah,
That shiny trombone, la-de-ah-de-ah.
Ev'rybody playin' mighty fine as they march along,
And I never get enough of that Creole song!

Hear now, la-de-ah-de-ah
It's loud and clear now, la-de-ah-de-ah,
I really get a thrill, I know I always will, whenever I can hear the rhythm
of a band.
Way down yonder in the cane-break,
You can hear the music they make,
Ringin' out until the day break,
Louisiana band,
Gotta get a hand
The South Rampart Street Parade.


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