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Luis Fonsi


With this arms, with this heart
I love you
In the sun when hied it's face
And i dream the morning.

Si el sol se esconderia y no llegara
La manana.

Inside you, inside you
Encontrare mi vida muy dentro de sus hojos.
Haci my self with this your eyes.

Amante, amante you safe my life,
you are this love, you are my lover.

Hold my hand for with this kiss
I should you ohhh
There is no greatest love than my
Leaving in the hied arms
Un amor como el mio no se
Encontrara el el cielo.

Inside you, inside you encontrare mi vida
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En el fuego de esta noche
I gave my self to the fire of the night.

Amante, amante you safe my life
You are this love, you are
My lover.

Contigo, contigo hay besos besos

Oh kisses of sultender i touch your touch.

Talk to me or live for ever.

Ven a mi viviremos para siempre
Para siempre.

Amante, amante
Amante, amante you safe my life
you are this love, you are my lover.



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