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Mr. Lif


Mr. Lif


制作:Synesthetic Nation Music

Verse One

Lemme break out
And listen to these voices in my shell
Is this heaven or another self created hell?

Please allow me these moments
To be open
And well spoken
That being said
Bob your head
And keep smokin'

Let's explore the state of war
And maybe more
What's at my core
Is even more raw than iron ore
And may contain a cure

If you're holding on to the reigns of life too tight
Let go and undergo this flight
Hover over this plight
We call home
With notions that's well known
With potions that's held under lock and key
As property

Anoint this with ointments
So I can either heal or peel

Another layer
From this excavator

What would I do with all this extra data?
Nothing like your cell provider who would
Catalogue it
Sell it for a profit
We indulge and can't stop it

Convenience addiction
Lenient with diction
More condos go up
A cruel depiction
Of this new eviction

Some would call it crucifixion

Pump the blues and listen

Refuse to lose your vision

Now it's the dollar off
Sale prices
The real crisis
Lies in these divisive devises
Tarnishes collective consciousness
Garnishes wages
Harnessed in pages
Centerfold opulence

I'm searching for a world that's more chill
Crazy as it seem
Pls let me dream
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It's ill

Chorus Cuts by Mr. Sonny James

Verse 2

I can't believe all this stimuli that's in my eye
The instant gratification inside of every operation
Ain't nobody waiting
But I'm contemplating a new dawn of patience
Askew and glued to this virtue so ancient
So pardon my urges to slow the world
And maybe hold my girl
And feel blessed
Just to exist
In the midst
Of this

These are the fundamentals
The long forgone essentials
The key simplicities
That open up the bliss in me

I used to be intrigued by mystery
If it's confusing
I shun it
Never wanted illusion
Solutions cascade
Coursing through the core masquerade
Yet the real...
Is what you're hearing after laughter fades

It's that uncompromising silence
That either leads to violence
Or opens up the sky
So you can fly
Your own pilot

I'm immersed in such quiet
For fuel
I've got riots for fools
Who won't buy it
When I offer oasis
Your coins could go faceless
Money evaporates
Hesitate to chase vapors
Lemme elaborate

If you peep the new paradigm
Inside my rhyme
There's more room for inspired minds
Say goodbye to Cyberdine

When I align with the energetically divine
And follow signs
Indeed, the light shines

For real
Just a vision of a world that's more chill
Crazy as it seem
Pls lemme dream
It's ill