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Present Tense

Yes, I'm here And yes, as per, I feel weird A terrifying worry in the back of my head

And it gets worse when you are near

It's a subtle kind of tension

A permanent suspension

Every muscle in my body primed to snap

With nervous apprehension

Regretting the choices that we made.
You're either living six months into the future

Or looking ten years into the past

You're searching for answers

In tough circumstances

But I just need a moment that lasts

Give me something that lasts.
You lost your lucky purple lighter

On the Megabus to Brighton

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But on the way you read a zine that made you think

You'd be a good Anarcho writer

But not even Voltairine de Cleyre

Could successfully get you there

Without a list of aspirations gushing out of your pen

As you stewed in that sticky chair

Regretting the choices that we made,

You're wishing your life away

Or longing for bygone days

Oh would you give me a fucking break?
Cause they won't come back

So give me something that lasts

You're searching for answers in tough circumstances but I just need something that lasts
so give me something that lasts.