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Crime Library (Vinnie Paz)

One gun Two gun Three gun Four!
Take em out, take em out, bring em out dead

[Verse 1:Vinnie Paz]
Send 'em to Allah kingdom, pistol-grip pump rap
It's like music to my ears when the gun clap
You a stupid motherfucker, here's a dunce cap
Shoot you in the fuckin' stomach where your lunch at
I ain't listening no more, cause son whack
I'm like bustin' inside a rubber, I come strapped
Y'all wanna hear a fun fact?
My guns is heavy on the scale, god, dumb fat
Where the Mossberg? Where the dum-dums at?
Ninety-three million miles away from where the sun's at
I'm Jimmy nine times, cousin you a dumb rat
I put you in the back of the ac with Pun mac
I'm a grown-ass lion, you a young cat
Wet 'em up, better hope the ambulance comes stat
Take the shotty off the gun rack
Toss his body on the ground like when Charles Bark sonned Shaq

[Sample Scratched Hook]
Mothafucka BANG
One gun Two gun Three gun Four!
Youre Mine, its all about crime!
It's the streets in me its an everyday thang
All day everyday mothafucka BANG BANG

[Verse 2: Blaq Poet]
Wild motherfucker since birth, get hurt
Who's first? Got blood thirst, shoot up your hearse
It's insane, let me explain the pain
I came to reign supreme, hammer damage your brain
Highly flammable, easily slaying you
I do what I came to do, your hood should be ashamed of you
Blaq Po, murder motherfuckers up, yo
What the fuck is up? I don't care what they say, you fuckin' suck
The black monster go harder
Spit pure lava, word to the father
Don't make me show up at your crib with the pump
I can find out where you live, where you from
But you're not a threat, you're puppy-dog harmless
Tail between your legs when I start to bomb shit