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Xaul Zan's Heart

Non prophet is another word for hug me, I'm lonely.
Xaul Zan yall
You're gross
Fucking you up since 1968
Let me hear it
Respect the broccoli cock

Looking at my broccoli
It's about that time
Polishing the nasty colliflower patches till they shine (Xaul rocks!)
Try to have phone sex when you call the cops
The holes are too small
Got these huge bald spots
On top of my head emerging like unwanted islands
I'm trying to vote myself off of
By force of nature
I'm pushed off the floor to face a world of war wages,
And girls of all ages (ha ha)
I'm the guy you don't love just yet,
But i write poems with my tongue on your neck- hoping for some sex.
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Older than sunsets
Golden boy blue balls
Totally upset but overjoyed by Ru Paul
The bi-polar bear hug,
Got you sick to your stomach
When I hold a beer mug and make you sip from it
Thinking this bug dick could kill the dead silence in your body
I want to be the life of the search party

My heart is beatin' yer face (Come all yall, are yall listening?)
My heart is beatin' yer face
(top ten dance hits) (move that ass)
My heart is beatin' yer face
(you aint gunna be laughing at the fist)
Xaul Zan!
I leave without a trace
(ha ha)

Now if I monger whores
While Joe mongers
And he mongers whores
While she mongers whores
And we monger whores
While they monger whores
It's a mother flockin orgy yall cuz I got yours

Say what? Xaul Zan is here
No random fan from the small van I stare
Clames calling your man a crook
Of calling a man a queer
Cuz Im deep (how deep?)
Im deeper than sage Francis [Xzibit Paparazzi Song Reference]
Were retreating the gay campus
Bleeding on the aids pamphlets (oh shit)
Dance moves battle with the spinning moonwalks
Its' in the attitude
(Grab my miniscule crotch!)
I will remove the cross - that dangles in the cleavage -
Of every Christian chick who thinks their tits are saving jesus (Gee wiz!)
Listen to the knoledge that im kickin
I'm not hard on women
I put my hardon on women
I'm starting with Robin Givens who shouts with her face down
When i'm not swining im scouting out the playgroudns

My heart is beatin yer face (x3)
(I'm begging yall to pay attention)
(yea kickin that knolwerwag)
(Back and fouth)
(I mean my mans coming from every angle)
Xaul Zan
Im leaving with out a trace
Ha ha

We made your bounce so hard in your care
I made your tires flat
Joe stole your hoe
And I'm gunna make you buy her back
She tried to grab my handlebar mustache
Sayin ill never steal you wrong
And I'm like sure you right.
I got a coolaid smile and some midol
Cuz im down with you
And down on you when your time calls
I'm Xaul Zan
Damn i have to say it again?
Half shark, alligator. half man half amazing
Nasty scab collector
Broken heart donor
Political party crasher
Love me or leave me a loner
Professional mellon bruiser
With a style that's fresher
Some think I'm a hesher
And innerchild molester
30 something dirty mack dump trucker
Mineral spring chicken shit
Fairy god mother fucker
A diaphragm pussy diver
Clear the floor
I am womanizer, hear me whore.

My heart is beating your face x3

He did again yall
You musta misted it .
What the fuck is holding you back now?
You're crying

Who the fuck is crying?

Xaul Zan
I leave without a trace

(Lets go)
(Come on yall')

My heart is beatin' youe face (x3)

I'm guna teach u a little something you might not know about
Elbow fucking,
And knee jabbing,
And kicking your asshole,
And nip twisting,
And piss drinking,
And shit eating.
Fucking bitch!