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Nashville Cast


Nashville Cast

All Of Me - Bluebird Set

Nashville Cast feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio

Your touch, your touch is everything now.
I feel so much, its taking me down, down.
Take me down.
We stand so close, electricity.
all of you fits so perfectly with me.
Take me now.

Your love is an earthquake underneath my feet.
Your kiss is just a taste of everything i need.
So close the door and throw away the key.
Baby, give me all of you,
and i will give you all of me.
All of me.
All of me.

Let's run, let's run under the covers.
You and me, runaway lovers.
Tell the world to stay away.
Stay away.
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Your kiss is a taste of everything that's right.
Your love is fire burning up the night.
So close the door and throw away the key.
Baby, give me all of you,
and i will give you all of me.
All of me.
All of me.

Just one look and i can barely breathe.
I feel your blue eyes burning right through me.

So close the door and throw away the key.
Baby, give me all of you,
and i will give you all of me.
I'll pull you close, i know what you need.
Baby, give me all of you.
And i will give you all of me.
All of me.


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