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I search light, many time. Starlight, Satellite.
だから I walk night. You just night. Standing Right, Every night.
I was dark, I search light. I will past. Back to the future.
I don't time. You're ready to jump out <Right Now>
Fly the Night!

I was wet. I was dark. It's Rain in June in many cases.
Still I search light. You walk night, many time. every night.
Sunny little By Calling you.
“I waiting for usual place!”
So, Run though night. For the Moment. Secret Base.
What a wonderful World!

Oh 背に消える Starlight.
Oh Getting starlight, ゆえに dance time.
Oh 夜明け前 dance time. 夜に消えたい
Oh I can any one time. ゆえに触れたい
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What do you want? What do you like?
Shat do you see? What a Wonderful world!
So, limited. I don't time. I can't back. To live you will not regret.
I can die. You can live, I will past. You can see future.
You and I, Stay Alive. I can fly! You can fly!
Stand up! Wake up! Never give up!

Fly away 背に负う one life. ゆえに one time.
Oh 飞び出せ on life. ゆえに one time.
Time crystal, I can any one life. ゆえに one time.
Oh I can any one life. one time.

Oh 背に消える starlight.
Oh I getting starlight 君と dance time.
Time crystal, 夜明け前 dance time. 夜に消えたい
Oh I can any one time. ゆえに one life