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Maxi Priest


Maxi Priest

I Believe

I've seen so mant things throughout my life
The only thing I ve ever seen is
about the test of time
is the strength of your
When right seems wrong
and wrong seems right
Just be careful, be strong.
Whatever my eyes can see my heart can feel thats why i
believe in love. Knowing my eyes can see sure as the deep
blue sea, that's I believe in love.

for the way you touch my life with your love. When right
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seems wrong and wrong seems right
I'll be careful, I'll be strong.
In the moments when I'm alone, in the times when I'm not
sure I can always call on you.
In the moments when I'm in fear, when it seems like no
one's there. There's one thing I know its true I can
always call on you.
(Instrumental)... (chorus till fade)


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