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Porter Wagoner

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

作词:Odell Mcleod

It's a sad but true story from the Bible it came
And it tells us how Judas sold the Savior in shame
He planed with the counsel of high priest that day
Thirty pieces of silver was the price they would pay

Thirty pieces of silver, thirty shekels of shame
Was the price paid for Jesus, on the cross He was slain
Betrayed and forsaken unloved and unclaimed
In anger they pierced Him but He died not in vain

'Twas there on the hillside the multitude came
And found our dear Savior then took Him away
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They smote Him and they mocked Him
Torn the crown 'round His head

And His raiment of purple showed the blood stains of red
Far off in the mountain with face toward the sun
Judas begged for mercy for what he had done
He gave back the silver for his heart filled with strife
And there in the mountain, he took his own life

Thirty pieces of silver, thirty shekels of shame
Was the price paid for Jesus, on the cross He was slain


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