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Paul Oakley


Paul Oakley

The Overlap (Live)

I've been searching for a city
One not built by the hands of man
And I've been looking for a country
A better place that I can call home
I've been longing for a kingdom
One I know is sure to come
When the rider on the white horse
Comes again for His chosen ones

Like a stranger in a strange land
I know I'm only passing through
It's so hard not to put my roots down, I'm trying to fix my eyes on You
The pleasures of this world may tempt me
But I've tasted something new
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Like a pilgrim I will journey, I know I've set my hope on You

I'm living in the overlap, I'm living in the balance
Between what is and is to come
I'm living in freedom, but I'm caught in a tension
Between now and the age to come

I don't want silver, don't want gold
Or all the riches in this world
Oh lover of my soul
In You are faithfulness and truth
And all I need is found in You