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You Better Watch Me - Album Version (Edited)

oh, y'all wanna go to the nineties?
y'all wanna go retro?
that's what we doin?
oh that's one of my specialties

(get busy y'all)
you better watch me x4

lets get it poppin
they like this boy rotten
im like i better pick? then pick cotton
and sometimes gotta see cats to blow
i was blessed with that 20/20 vision fa sho
see its 20 mil a year 20 years in a row
first 20 mil came when i was 20 years old
i average right around 20% on my dough
fast farward 20 years then compare my flow
difference is i own mine and you still owe
slackin in your mackin cant save a hoe-
spekulatin at the bar over mohetoe
like i betchya l fall off (oh no he won't)
so i so spit better (oh no he don't)
under 20 ass 50 if you feelin to go?
over 30 ass rock him i ain't no joke
im dirty his jaws drop off wicked and went?

(get busy y'all)
you better watch me x4

still bangin both - still hangin
look like a - thank got its still rainin
i'm light on my feet, you can't judge me by the weigh-in
its hard to grasp some of the shit i be sayin
it flys over your head like a second string is
you cant comprehend me ---?
you couldnt place a decimal on the paper im makin
fly man cant appreciate on castles creation
----? no wonder y'all keep hatin
is L really? young boy's debatin'
you play johnny? i'll keep on cakin'
you can't compare me to them line for line
im beyond that i represent? of time
classic my style can't be defined
i'll be relavent forever, get it through your mind
just watch me

(get busy y'all)
you better watch me x4

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(i see you)
two steppin in the club
with my L in the air
and a bottle of bub
(i see you)
two steppin in the club
with my L in the air
and a bottle of bub
(i see you)
two steppin in the club
with my L in the air
and a bottle of bub
(i see you)
two steppin in the club
with my L in the air
and a bottle of bub
(i see you)

back on the scene
back reppin queens
turnin def jam back into a marketing machine
now we talkin autographs, cheers and laughs
i got interns tellin niggas kiss they ass
cause we back on top
aint nobody this high
just them niggas is mad whether they say it or not (haha)
i thought i told ya that we don't top
tell all them sucka MC's jump on the jock
and watch me

(get busy y'all)
you better watch me x4
i see you homie

L's up x3
put ya L's up
come on
L's up x3
put ya L's up
come on
L's up x3
put ya L's up
come on
L's up x3
put ya L's up
come on, yeah


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