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Dance DJ

作词:Nathaniel Ho、Pek Jin Shen
作曲:Nathaniel Ho

It's a weekend night
People in the club
Bodies going a-woh-oh
Beatin' of your heart
From a stranger's touch
Brain is sayin' 'No-o-oh'
Drink in everyone's hand
Woman or man
And the crowd just gro-oh-ows
When I spin that mix
Come and get your fix
Everybody go 'Woh-o-oh'

Bass thumpin' heads bumpin'
Put your hands in the air
We don't gotta care, eh eh
Beats grindin' hearts findin'
Life isn't really fair
They ain't gonna care, eh
So just

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Dance dance d-dance I'm your DJ
Dance dance feel my rock 'n' roll
Dance dance put me on your replay
Rhythm rockin' through your body
Here we go

She got that walk and swagger so mean
Got 'em guys all lookin like, 'OH HOT DAMN!'
Been drinkin' all night, so we gotta get it right
Girl, fit me in your plans
Man I'm young and I'm ready
Better get the confetti
So steady I believe I can fly
R Kelly
Get a couple more shots and I'm ready to go
Let's roll 'cause ya girlfriend 'bout to blow, hey

Dance dance I'm your DJ
Rock 'n' roll
Put me on your replay