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Girl get out my mind
Girl get in my ... {car noises}
Cause ain't no, ain't no way we can't get far

Girl get out my mind
Girl get in my car
Said there ain't no, ain't no, ain't no way we can't get far

[Verse 1]
Uh - it's a jam like traffic
Everybody bumper to bumper
There's a spark in the air
The feeling's electric - like your rubbing cable jumper to jumper
You in the company of gentleman
She got a couple friends
I introduced them we all got loose
We in the parking lot of whatever club they coming out of
Just the pursuit of your [?]about an hour
So I asked what are ya'll getting into
She replied whatever car you're getting into
I replied whatever God might have sent - you down from heaven
I know they gotta be missing you
The whip is new but it's older than me
In the hood make a old school feel like a Bentley
Uh, all chrome with a strong engine
Horsepower like there's California chrome in her

Let's go cruising baby
Drop the top if you wanna
[????]when I'm bending them corners
Let's go cruisin' baby
Go wherever you wanna
Play your jam through the speakers
And get lost in the moment


[Verse 2]
Pushing a street car that everyone desires
[?]a sweetheart shouting like a fire
Now we talking fire and desire
Inspired by that Rick James shawty you could be
My Tina Marie with those ebony eyes
And we cruise through the city under heavenly skies
I got a devilish grin
I got a reason to send +sin+ this thing into overdrive
You driving me crazy with the way you're looking at me
Hair blowing in the wind
Scarf wrapped with the glasses
Classic as a Norma Jean kick
When she marry Arthur [?]and they rode off slick
Vibing on that tip
Know to get off shift
Everything is automatic
We enjoy the ride soft leather on our asses
In the right lane I'm gonna get you there the fastest
Or should I take my time and whip it slower than molasses



[Outro to fade]x4
Let's go cruisin' baby
We'll go wherever you wanna