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Regine Velasquez


Regine Velasquez

Just One More Time

Every night I keep thinking about you
Don't know why I found reason to doubt you
One day
If I could just be near you once more
We could find the joy we had before
Nothing wrong with trying to
Relight the fire
If only you would believe me

Lonely times, I've accepted with no choice
Wish that I had the comfort of your voice
Maybe we could take it over once again
Try to put love back on course and then
Everything would be so fine
For all of tiem I'll be yours
If you'd only just come back to me

I can't forget the way that it was
I know that yet there's something for us
My heart won't rest until I have you

Loneliness we share
Happiness we shared together
Loneliness we share
Let's try it again

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I know I tried to make myself strong
I wish I knew just what's going on
I prayed all night just to be with you

All day long I am wondering what you fell (I'll never leave you)
Time goes on and without you it's too real
Maybe something that I say will touch your heart
It's all that I can do to make a start
Try to open up to me
And what I have just for you

Won't you come back

Just one more time (let's try again)
Baby come back
Just one more time

I was wrong when I let myself doubt you
Now I know I just can't live without you

Just one more time
Just one more time
Just one more time