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Squad Five-O


Squad Five-O

Bombs Over Broadway

作词:Fortson Jeffrey Andrew, Fortson John Edward

Midnight, New York City
Broadway, going up in flames
Ground zero, big city
Big Apple swallowed by the flames

Bombs away, we never saw it coming
Bombs away, 'til the bombs started falling
Down, to seal our fate
No time to run, now it's too late

Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
The end is near baby, here it comes
The neon lights of the city burn
And the sirens warn, 'Bombs over Broadway'
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Lady Liberty is laid to rest
Give me liberty or give me death
Her dream died with her last request
She didn't expect bombs over Broadway

So long Manhattan Island
Our pride in you had no end
New York, New York
Our pride has done you in

Lights out, New York City
You were the first but you won't be the last