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Love Is Death

The night-owl shouts
Bringin' back your fears
Nothin' dumb about
What you're doin' here
Feelin' like a stone
Cryin' to the wind
Far away from home
Far away from tears.

Everybody knew
She never really cared
Everybody said
She's a dreamer's girl
Caught you with her words
You never really heard
Sayin' no goodbyes
When she changed her mind.

Love is death
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Like a movie to me
Love is death
To me.

Nothin' you can say
Nothin' you can do
She don't wanna know
She's the only one
Living in a film
Dreams in black and white
Colours in the night
Where she's really gone.

Love is death
Like a movie to me
Love is death
To me.


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