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The Primitives


The Primitives

Laughing Up My Sleeve

when I'll take a look at you
looks like the sun went down on you
with your make up plastered thick
and that boy you're with's a dick.

the only thing you left me with was air to breath
but now I'm laughing up my sleeve
you've got me laughing up my sleeve
yeah I'm laughing up my sleeve

and there was time and there was a place
when I thought the sun shown from your face
if you need someone to lift you up
please don't look to me
if you need a hand to help you up
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please don't look to me
no please don't look to me

funny how things change your mind
and how things lose their worth
to my eyes your nothing now
and that's all you deserve
that's all you deserve
and that's all
that's all you deserve
you deserve
(laughing up my sleeve)