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So I Took Off My Shoes I Ran(片尾曲)(冼佩瑾)


Needed sugar in my coffee
Cause I've had it
Think I deserve a better treatment than you give
All in all it's not your fault
It's just the way things are all so twisted

That's why we need a higher force of some sort
To lift us up dry our tears when we're at war
Different day same old shit
It's amazing how we live each day like this

So I took off my shoes I ran
To that far away place you said
I could be anybody
Queen of the world when I count to three

So I broke all the mirrors and sat
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At the edge of the cliff and wept
I only need to see
A part of that rainbow will do
I don't need
The pot of gold

You and I can only seek to understand
What's the truth what's the point and how it ends
One fine day so it seems
We'll be the ones that we were meant to be

Should I give up it's all too hard
We'll not get there
Two hands to clap
Mine's too small
It's just unfair
It's ok I don't blame you
You're born just as fallen as I am


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