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The Calefaction


The Calefaction

Life Preserver

I know there's something really out there & it shows the lack of my attention. Can I get away? I don't know. Reflection from the porch light says Your late for your show.
Don't you push Me off the boat. I can't swim. I'm not giving up yet that much you can bet.
How can You say I will. Like lovers never question. I wont be forgotten no. Like lovers never question, Lovers never question
Are You somebody else, that i've never known? Are You somebody else, that I've overgrown?
Don't you push me off the boat. I can't swim I'm not giving up yet the ocean wont devour Me, I wont quit. Can you sell yourself or you sink the ship?
Are you really ever into it? With your shallow graves, Here's the bed you made. I remember your smile.
Like lovers never question at all