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Vybz Kartel


Vybz Kartel

Ignite the World

Baby yo nice and clean
Baby yo nice and clean
Baby yo nice and clean

You girl, make money everyday
Bubble fi mi boo
Money, money, ignite the world
Money make my dream come true
Yea mi love it when you wine mi girl

Haffi get a night wid her
Yea mi love it when yo wine mi girl
Gyal fling ti round suh

Bring it right back
Addi a the jockey gyal come a my track
Mi a give yo the steel suh yo better buy block
Current in a wall all that a guy shock
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Then mi connect, satellite jack
Volcano erupt, what a sight that
Bubble like champagne bottle dine pop
Yeh mi under a vybz 35 toc
Lay down pon clean sheet

No haffi seh thanks meck mi seet please

Gyal yo bumper suh bit yo waan 3 jeans
And yo teeth no yellow like cheese Zeese
Put yo hand paw yo knees please
Rotate waistline to the day breeze
Yeh yo hot, yuh no cold, yuh no deep freeze
Tell a bwoy seh yo nah do no free these
(Repeat 2X)


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