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Vybz Kartel


Vybz Kartel

Money Over War

Yow Harry
Dis thing a get out a hand
So u see fi di 08 an beyond
Me waa house and car
Ghetto yute
A money ova war

Hey, So who can't hear
Dem going to feel
No shoot, nuh kill
Nuh rob, nuh steal
Too much yute fall pon battlefield
A badman a talk
Me just a keep it real
All shower yute
All spanglers yute
Addi tired fi buy bere funeral suit
Listen to di teacha, di truth a di truth
Jamaica nuffi run like Beiruth
Wen dem sen fi di military troop
Nuh matter weh u vote
Everybody get shoot
Di system a bawl seh di yute dem a coot
But dem bere di fruits so a dem is di root
Nuh shame fi di yute dem yuh produce
If Daddy neva idle
Di son could'ntloose
But every likkle ting dem blame artist
We r di scape goat
Di golden egg goose
Sipping Vybz rum wid sweet orange juice
Big up Portia and di Honourabl Bruce
Big up everybody party
But my party a di one weh a keep in a Laroose
Nuff ghetto yutes waa work fi a dues
An caa find a job a
Hey, awha do some fools
Build more factory, build more schools
And give black pickney di necessary tools
If nuttn nah gwaan
How u expect seh di man
Dem nah go bruk di rules
Every party come in
A we a di victim
Unite and dun out di system

Mother bawling
Son in a di warring
Wen body falling
A we a dead, a we a dead
Copper corning
Madden haffi balm him
Cemetery a morning
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A we dead, a we a dead

Wah day weh me see pon di news
It mek Addi vex
So me dun couple Panadol
Couple comtrex
2008 an bere yute a dead
Addi waa see di 3000 like Soltex
Plz ghetto yutes
Watch how u flex
A nuh every likkle thing
U fi puff up an vex
Sen fi guns
An hear comes next
A gunshot
An a duppy come next
Two yute dead
Couple unda arrest
Wen Kingfish come,
Kill bird out a nest
If u nah nuh lawyer
Charges a press
Mummy drop a grung
All a pop off bloody dress
Wats next
Nuh visit u nuh get
Cause mummy caa even buy 1 cigarette
Every man a dead
U nuh see u eye shet
Jamaica soon come in like Immaculet
In a 7 years 10, 000 death
But a just bere ghetto yute skin a get wet
Shooting, stabbing and chop with machete
We nuh matter weh di cause,
Is stopping of breath
Put down di AK, Macky an Tek
And tek up di money ting
Cashing of cheque
Fi sen u go skool,
Watch u parents a sweat
Your life, but u a dem dearest asset
U dig?

Mother bawling
Son in a di warring
Wen body falling
A we a dead, a we a dead
Copper corning
Madden haffi balm him
Cemetery a morning
A we dead, a we a dead


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