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The Vandals

Kick Me

Kick me, You know that I am a lazy piece of shit an animal on hand outs from
an evil government I've always been a nobody, I'll never be a somebody, unless
I kick some ass or get that drink with the umbrella in it Kick me, you know
that my machine is full of rage Expose me, you know I'm stupid even for my age
Please check out my shitty band, the preachings of an anarchist,the government
can't owe me if I don't believe that it exists Kick me. Kick me harder I need
a good kick. My head is so think Kick me. Kick me harder. Rip me a new one.
I don't even have an old one. I'm so full of shit. Kill me, before some moron
gives me my big chance And I end up a poet/role model buried in France I'm so
high on pot & shit I think that I'm in Ancient Egypt Forgive me, but Seattle's
Junkies don't speak for my generation So full of shit.

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