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Brother Low

The Unknown

Deep love is a burnin' fire stay
'cause then the flame grows higher
Don't let him steal your heart
It's easy easy
Girl this game can't last forever why
We cannot live together try
Don't let him take your love from me
You're no good can't you see
Brother Louie Louie Louie
I'm in love set her free
Oh she's only lookin' to me
Only love breaks her heart
Brother Louie Louie Louie
Only love's paradise
Oh she's only lookin' to me
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Brother Louie Louie Louie
Oh she's only lookin' to me
Oh let it Louie
She's under cover
Brother Louie Louie Louie
Oh doin' what he's doin'
So leave it Louie
'cause I'm her lover
Stay 'cause this boy wants to gamble
Love's more than he can handle girl
Oh come on stay by me
Forever ever
Why does he go on pretendin' that
His love is never ending babe
Don't let him steal your love from me


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