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The Truth

The Unknown

You the one for me
You most the most special woman
i ever meet in my life
this song is dedicated to you my love
and i want you to know that i will always love you
with all my heart keep that in mind

Baby i love you cause you are my life i really mean it girl cause i treat you life my wife you the one for me our love baby girl nxine kwe-deep freezer uyisithandwa senhliziyo maan
mangiku-kissa your lips are sweet girl taster ngathi gwava
bangibiza ngisithembiso girl ngizokushada ngikuthembise like i always keep my promises coz you the one for me

You are the only one ohh you you you are the one for me ohh baby you always on my mind i always dream about you i always dream about you ohh baby baby
coz you you are
You are the only one ohh you you are the one for me
(ohh you you you are ohh you you you are for meee)
for meeehhh
you are the only one ohh you you
(ohh you you you are)
are the one for me for meeehhh you are you are arrhhh

Girl im afraid to touch coz your skin is so fragile white girl you are my world the lover of my life i mean the feeder of my soul
girl i'll always fall for you pick you up when you lost
pretty girl plz do you care about me
do you love coz i love you more than my self boo
the first time i saw you i thought i saw a guardian angel
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your beauty concerns all in my girl
you my first
i hope you my last I'll put everything I have into our love
I want this to last
I mean last forever
until death do us part by the lord my crush began with a smile from your glowing face you make me smile when I need to and laugh when I want to

(baby girl every day a line of our life is written together i can't wait for the lines to turn into paragraphs and the paragraphs to turn into chapters and one day look back on the pages of a novel telling the story of a beautiful love so perfect and true)

Girl you my inspiration I always think about you
girl you the only secret I can't keep to my self
I really love you girl as long as you love me back
girl you the only one who ever warmed up my heart
I wish aporn the stars just to hold your hand
but that wish is impossible as your love
I try to send you flowers but you have no address your home is in my heart that's where you never left
girl you a work of art
I can't help but stare
my feelings for you baby are for real yo
I really love eyes they look like the stars they shine so bright they me feel like spotlight
your voice is like the angels
your face is like the heavens
your skin is like the sun I hope you feel the same way about me I always think about you girl
you always on my mind
hope you love me too coz I LOVE YOU MORE