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Safety Dance Literal Video

I skip through a meadow
Midget follows right behind
See him play the lute
In a silly little suit
Do you think this is my best side?

Now I'll point really badly
Indicating we must go
Now I'll shake my head
And scream in your face
Now I'll race you to the crazy ho

I'm insane!

When I wave to you, smile
Like you're whacked out of your mind
Now little man
Jump as high as you can
Well, that's not very high

I feel kinda funny
As I watch you bounce around
Did I take LSD?
Why else would I be
Hanging out with this little clown?

There's a dog
Here's a fence
Are you still following me?
Look at that
Holy crap!
Definitely LSD!
Watch me now
As I do
A really bad interpretive dance
Gotta say
This is weird
Even for an 80's band
Make a giant S
Now another S
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That spells 'SS'

Now it's just getting weirder
A Renaissance Fair from hell
I'm ready little friend
For this video to end
It's not going very well

What's the deal with the chickens?
What's up with this stupid pole?
Lets go
Find the director and
Tear him a new cornhole

Oh no!
It's getting worse
Medieval puppet show!
Crazy ho
Giant S
Whack the midget on the ass
Maybe if
I clap my hands
All of this will go away
Cause even for
An 80's band
This is getting really gay

Now I turn my back
Now a puppet smack
He's gonna whack some ass
So whack the midget's ass!
Yes the midget's ass
You missed the midget's ass
Come here you little clown
Watch me jump up and down
More bad interpretive dance
I flunked out of mime class
Now midget roll on the grass
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