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Joe McElderry


Joe McElderry

To Have a Broken Heart

People tell me
I'm too young to know
That I'll get over you
In time I'll let you go
But they don't feel
The way I feel right now

If they knew you
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In the way I did
How you loved me
They'd understand
This pain is real
And time won't heal, so

This is how it feels
To be torn apart
The sky is falling down
And I'm lost in the dark
How will I ever get over you?
How will I ever get over you?
I know I've got to try
But I'm dyin' inside
And I don't know where to start
So this is how it feels to have a broken heart

The world looks different now
And I realize
I'm not invincible
I'm just another guy
Who paid the price
And loved and loves

I wonder where you are
Though I can't stop myself
Keep thinking that
Maybe you're with someone else
It's killing me
I want to be free, so

[Repeat Chorus]

I've got a broken heart, so

[Repeat Chorus]